The Wonder Village


While Volunteering and traveling with ONE VILLAGE TOURS, this village is immersed with a unique culture (the way of life) ugandans/Bakiga live. Nature defines it all, agriculture activities, take part in any activity you feel to participate in, exercise short hiking on the underlying hills with sharp valleys, feel nature’s creation (caves) learn from a different culture that will relieve you from fear about other cultures. See birds and animals and how they interrelate with people. if you want, participate or experience the BAKIGA’S world's most loved traditional dance. While with in this village for a short time or longer, enjoy well prepared hot chocolate, participate in preparation of local meals and tea, digging, have fun with a child or children in school or home, stay with a family(home stay experience), feed animals and any activity you feel you want to participate in and leave an impact. visit the fig tree ( where most of Bakiga used to traditional communicated to their god) visit the excursion stone, local market- where you see a veriety of organic food and vegetables, on a good season, visit fruit gardens and pick a fresh fruit and eat it.



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