Bird Watching


Over half of all bird species in Africa can be found here, making it one of the richest birding destinations on the continent. Crammed into this diminutive country is an astonishingly rich diversity of habitat, from the scenic shores of uganda’s many great lakes, wetlands and to the forests of the albertine rift and the banks of mighty Nile river. Though Uganda has only one endemic bird (fox’s weaver), 23 albertine endemic occur herewhich are rarely observed else where. These include the handsome francolin, Rwenzorituraco, Rwenzori night jar, Dwarf honeguide, African green broadbill, Archer’s robin-chart, Graver’s rush warbler, short –tailed warbler, graver’s warbler- callaredapalis, regal sunbird, strage weaver, Dusky crimsonwing among others. The recorden number of bird species in Uganda exceeds 1000 species, pack your binoculars, some study shoes and your checklist and challenge yourself to sport even more.



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