Responsible tourism is tourism that respects the tourism destination’s environment, community, and culture. It aims to correct the adverse effects caused by irresponsible mass tourism. This type of tourism aims to create sustainable tourism development that protects the interest of local communities and the heritage sites within these communities.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is a concept that focuses on the development of artificial and natural tourism resources so that it is used in the long term. The concept aims to conserve tourism resources to protect their existence. Sustainability aims to meet the tourism needs of the current generation without overwhelming the available resources. It also aims to protect the environmental interests of the future generations. We take the time to access each of the experience and packages to ensure we increase your travel footprint from the use of locally owned service provider, to visiting and financially supporting local community projects we truly believe.

Every Journey Creates a difference!!!

Our ownership structure is also Unique as we are owned for the benefit of Ugandans ie registered group members of the community. This means that every time you book one of our packages or experiences money flows to a worthwhile community project in the places we operate.


  • Sustainable, responsible and ethical community based tourism and hospitality projects among communities.
  • The teaching of permaculture with its projects, culture conservation, Ethical Business skills and sustainable tourism and hospitality through Home stays experience.
  • Unforgettable wildlife, nature, safaris and other classical setup of Uganda’s tourism menu.

To achieve self sufficient, we are creating a structure where we partner with passionate international partners and locals to bring you an amazing travel experiences and packages. Every time you book, real positive things happen in the community you visit.

From Using local businesses, to us being able to put our profits into supporting positive initiatives in the communities, you can be confident that “ Great Journeys Make a Difference”

Home Stay Experience is the most rewarding part of Responsible tourism, global work and Volunteer travel experience. It is a valuable opportunity to improve a language skill, where you sleep and eat meals with a host family in a home/culture/country that is different from yours.

While with us in this Home stay experience trip, you will experience first –hand customs/values of local Ugandans who call Uganda their Home. Enjoy holidays, locally prepared food, great stories that cannot be learned from a guide book. In your relaxing holidays or after a day’s activity, attend the dancing, sports events, craft and festival. This will introduce you to be part/bond into a relationship that will last for many years before you die.

Nyabushabi Village – A case study

Nyabushabi Village is a magical village in Kyanamira sub-county Kabale District. It’s a narrow valley connected from Kabale city, This village has a unique atmosphere to nature, community walks, culture. among others. The community has hospitable people, enthusiastic and welcome you with a stress free smile to their home.
While with us in this village, you only wait to be limited by your time frame as you will learn, re-learn and unlearn from people who call this village their land. You experience culture, Hiking hills, walking in valleys, you will receive children’s entertainments along the way and you will be amazed.
While with us in this village, you only wait to be limited by your time frame as you will learn, re-learn and unlearn from people who call this village their land. You experience culture, Hiking hills, walking in valleys, you will receive children’s entertainments along the way and you will be amazed.
You will enjoy the home setting, family culture, food, different stories, Agriculture, craft making, pottery, cave experience, feed/graze a domestic animal, Hiking, spiritual worship, school experience and interaction with children in school, visit health care services and the biodiversity of the community among others. This will make you appreciate nature and culture that is different from yours.
There are so many questions involved in this; what is it?, what is it all about? What experience is got? Where, why and how to find this in a community? Is there Value for money in this? You are not alone!!! Every human being who has never been to a home, community, country, culture and personality that is different from his, has always wondered how it feels like. Guess what it brings to you before you book your trip.

who is our customer?

Our customers are males and females from all walks of the world aged 18-75. Based on our objective people are passionate about culture, donating, study researches and are people of the middle earning income, people who can support/donate and also donate their time through volunteering to some of community development projects.



During your time with us.




ü  Living with a Host Family!!!!

Home stays  Experience can be the most rewarding part of a world travel volunteer, work, internship or research. We have designed  the home stay to be very individually, couple, groups, students friendly. A home stay experience is a valuable opportunity to improve your versity knowledge about culture, country and  improve a language skill by immersing yourself in a situation where communication in English or local Languange is a MUST BETWEEN The  tourist and Host family! You will eat most of your meals with  your host family and sleep in their home. You will not be isolated with your family as you will be with the whole family activities/work during most days to work on a project or head out on a excursion. If you are a student, researcher or an intern,  On weekends, you will spend  a majority of the time with your host family doing activities that they enjoy sharing with you. Many evenings you will find yourself getting together with other, students, leaders and the home stay families to participate in various social activities.

While there is no typical home stay experience, Many people  will stay in touch with their host families for years to come.

One thing certain- the home stay is bound to be the most wonderfully dramatic and memorable part of the trip. Each year our clients shall reflect on their home stay as the best part of their trip.

ü  The value of Home Stay Experience!!!!

Enahanced Languange Immersion

Most of home stay families do not speak English or your language, and staying in a homestay vastly improves language skills

ü  Amore aunthentic Travel Experience!!!

Experience first –hand customs, local holiday, home-cooked food, and general daily life. Families share their local knowledge stories….. this cannot be learned from a guide book.

ü  Feel closer to the community!!!!!

Tourists,students, interns, Researcher while with us!! Attend celebrations, dances, sports events, burial/fenural ceremonies, potlucks, crafts, places of worship and festivals becoming a member of the family and community versus solely a guest or visitor forms lasting bonds and friendships for many years to come.


It includes meals, 1.5mlwater bottle, guides, activity money. It excludes: Flight, Visa, Medical/travel insurance, Airport transfers but you can let us arrange for you, Donations and tips, Soverniours, Money for shopping in the city





Home visits; Your guide will pick you from your hotel in kabale city after breakfast. You will take a 6km walk through the valley where you will spot a number of activies, like farms, brick laying, people in their gardens among others and do not hestate to ask your guide and the go to your host family for check-in and orientation. Relax, have lunch and evening home visits and other things as the host family leads or depending on energy level

Art & craft;  As part of your previous home visits, many crafts are made from individual homes, so you will single out these homes for this experience and learning from different home settings, feel free to participate or try making a craft but observe instruction from the person making. We shall organize lunch from the community (where you will be free to participate) till late in the evening.

Agriculture Activities; It’s a very interesting and daily activity as 100% of the community depend on subsistence farming. You will take part, learn how to plant a crop or re-run from how you grow it from your country of origin and create a lasting memory in the community.

Hiking Valleys and hills;  This is the most fascinating and interesting  moment to appreciate nature, you will reach a point and view the landscape feel life is back to normal.

Schools/churches/health care;  These are things you are used to from a different setting in your culture. But understing them from a Uganda setting leave you with an experienceof a life.  Education services and how children learn in class, worshiping God in Church and your experience in a health center as compared to you country is really Unique.

City tour/shoping; We hope at this time you have experienced the community and you are part of it but we need a refreshing environment. So the vehicle will pick you from the village and take you to a near by beautiful city for shopping in supermarkets, local market, visit the Baking Museum, administration centre and the COLONIAL  Execution stone. BACK TO YOUR HOST FAMILY.

The cave Experience & pottery ; This is where your life through story telling meets your experience. You will  have LUNCH prepared and eaten from a cave. You will listen your guide telling you how a man with his 3 women and children live there with their domestic animal (cows,goats,sheep) and many more other. This lunch???????? After you will join the pottery trail as we end the day.

We offer a craft gift, couple and group discounts.


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Responsibility, Maturity and Environmental protection.

Responsibility, such as cooking, cleaning and helping around the house, build personal growth and prepare yourself to live in a group home setting, such as at college or university. On an important note, we are looking on a well conserved environment through Planting a tree that will modify our climate and environment, clear waste disposal that will save water contamination and other refuse. Power saving energy among others as advised by the host family and your guide.
Other extra vaccasions that are part of the experience.


Lake Bunyonyi is named after bird exsistence. It simply means a place of many little birds. It is located in southwestern Uganda, kabala district-Uganda and 11kms from Nyabushabi village where our Home stay is. Lake Bunyonyi is a highland lake estimated to lie at an altitude of about 1950m above sea level.
It is described by its beauty surrounded by hills, intense cultivated and many agriculture activities and its unique concentration of 29 islands each with its historical attachments. It is the third deepest lake in the world but with fresh and safe water for swimming. It is a lava damed lake as a result of Muhabura/virunga Volcanicity eruptions that took place centuries ago ‘ about 10,000 years’
It is the most beautiful lake in Uganda but most tourists have racked it the most in the world because of it nature around, breathtaking swimming, relalaxing and its formation. It is a stopover to the Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Baatwa(pigyms)experience and Bird watching around the lake shore and islands is what makes a birder wonder what a birding destination is.
For a better lasting and memorable experience, do not accept to be driven in a car to the lake, because you will miss great views, scenery, agriculture activities and African skills as you take simple community walk/Hike that will introduce to black smith, tea plantations, Rushoroza Catholic Cathedral and a panoramic view of the great kabale city.

3 day lake Bunyonyi excurstion






Day 1


Hiking/community wal

The car will drop you to Rushoroza catholic Cathedral for a topover. Have a spiritual, historical religios background and above all the arctectural design of a great Church in the region. And begin your slow hike through teaplantations, agriculture activities and Balck smith as you enjoy great and breathtaking views or the wonderful hills and valleys of Kigezi region the most beautiful region in the land Uganda. Have luch at Arcadia cottages as you relax on top of lake Bunyonyi.

Day 2


Boat cruise

 After a heavy and relaxing breakfast, enter the boat and take a boat cruise to major and most island with rich history attatchements. Theb islands are are many (29) and you may not finish them but the guide will lead you on which ones to visit and why.

Day 3


Batwa(pigmies) experience

Missing this experience will cost you another trip if you hear from someone who has done it. Wake up early in the morning and take this  long day experience and leave Uganda with a comment.

Day 4



And departure.






Bwindi Impenetrable national park is a typical tropical rainforest with an annual mean temperature range of a minimum +7 -15 degrees celcious to a maximum 20-27. Its annual rainfall ranges 1400 to 2000millimeters. The heavy rains are from march – April and from Sept-Nov. Bwindi impenetrable national Park became popularto the world because of Gorrila trekking experience: it is a habbitatit for more than that half of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorrila population. These primates are highly endangered species and the the forest posses more than 400individuals of the expected 800 plus mountain Gorrilas in the entire world.
They are highly endangered because of poaching, habitat loss, and diseases. This park generates one of the highest revenue to Uganda amongst all the safari parks in Uganda.
Bwindi impenetrable national Park is located in the outhwestern region on the edge of the rift valley. Commonly reffered to as the impenetrable forest. It is borded by Democratic republic of Congo on the western side, Rubanda distric to the southern.
It covers an area of 331 square kilometers and is located in the highest parts of Kigezi highlands with an altitude of about 1,100-2600m above sea level. It is also a home to Elephants, baboons, Birds species, plant/trees species and other interesting adventures activities that you can enjoy.

3 days Gorilla tracking itinerary






Day 1



After breakfast in kabale city, you will drive through Unique valleys, nature, and through economic activities along the road. The guide will be forced by your inquiry to explain a lot to you  and have a late luch at your hotel in Buhoma community your final destination for gorilla tracking. Have a relaxed afternoon ready for the next day activity. Optional activity, Buhoma community offers you a great cultural walk experience that you  can enjoy with extra cost .

Day 2


Gorilla Tracking

This is an experience I lack words to explain unless you have experienced first hand and we begin sharing about later. Depending on your energy level, there is still an optional community walk in the evening.

Day 3



you will live Bwindi impenetrable national park with no words  to use, describe only to encourage your friends to come and have this Gorilla experience.





we also have close excusions that are close to This case study Village.

  1. Queen Elizaberth national Park
  2. Lake Mburo national Park

As part of the other tourism product that Uganda can offer. feel free to share with us before you chose your travel date.

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