Chimpanzee Trekking

Our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, shares atleast 94% of it’s DNA with humans, sociable, communicative and intelligent, one of the chimps most astonishing trials is it’s ability to use tools such as rocks for smashing nuts, empty pods for scooping water and sticks for drawing termites from their nests. As these skills are passed from generation to generation, it has been observed that different troops are specialists in different tasks, depending on their habitant and diet.

Chimpanze live in communities containing 10-100 members. They hold hands, kiss, groom each other and babysit for each other’s off springs, young chimps do not become independent until around the age of four. But they can also be aggressive and unfriendly, particularly towards unrelated individuals.
Though they spend a lot of time on the ground, chimpanzees usually eat and sleep in trees. Their diet includes leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds. Comeand wittiness this.