One Village Tours

Tailor-made Wildlife and Gorilla Tours in Uganda

ONE VILLAGE TOURS & TRAVEL has a unique fusion of passionate expert local guides/team committed to sustainable and ethical travels in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

We offer unique and amazing travel experience; through community/cultural/ecotourism as well as classical tourism from private day tours/trips to our fully inclusive private great journeys.

With our travel business experiences based around light and large adventures, cultural, safaris, wildlife, bird watching, water cruise, mountain hiking, students packages, agritourism and travel Volunteers. We have something to suit every one.

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Why Choose Us?

Customizable Tours

We let you customize any Tour to meet your expectations. All our tour packages are so flexible in a way that you can modify them as per your tour needs say travel dates, itineraries or costs.

Experienced Tour Agent

At One Village Tours, we have the knowledge and experience to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our varied clientele. Our knowledgeable guides and commitment to customer service ensure a rich experience.

Support the Community

We offer unforgettable wild-life experiences combined with the opportunity to interact with the people who call Uganda "home". 20% of the generated revenue goes to supporting the community.

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