hotel roomAccommodations in Uganda vary from Economy through Standard to Luxury. Once you have selected your tour One Village Tours can help with your accommodation and meals. Our clients receive special and preferred rates that are unavailable to individuals who try to book directly.

At each stop on your planned itinerary, we can offer you one of each for you to select. Then you select whether you want full-board, half-board or bed-&-breakfast.

As a very rough guide, in and around the national parks, Economy would be up to US$80 per night, Standard would be up to US$130 per night, and Luxury runs from US$150 and up.

Breakfast, if it’s not included, may be US$8-$15, lunch US$8-$20, and dinner US$12-$30. For example, even if you’ve opted to travel at the Standard half-board rate, with One Village Tours you may find yourself with an occasional free upgrade to Luxury bed-&-breakfast – all because we have arranged a special deal with that particular lodge.

Count on One Village Tours to look after your meal and accommodation needs.