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This is a paying and source of income skill to most women and for one to acquire it, does not need a formal education but just face to face training or see, touch, practice , learn and produce. This is our main/major objective!!. This project is in its infancy stages but much emphasis is being thought of for the future income generation especially to aging women who are un able to venture into hard labour of human production.


Agriculture Food security and its relationship to sustainable agricultural and rural development have increasingly become matters of concern for developing countries/communities and for the international community. While there are many complex factors that influence sustainable development and food security, it is clear that education in agriculture plays an important role in preparing farmers, researchers, educators, extension staff, members of agri-businesses and others to make productive contributions. A critical issue in the 21st century will be the changes and adaptations required in agricultural education in order for it to more effectively contribute to improved food security, sustainable agricultural production and rural development. "Poor training of agricultural extension staff/farmers as well as peasants/communities has been identified as part of the problem of the relative ineffectiveness of much of extension in the field." This applies not only to extension staff, but to agricultural professionals in general. Unfortunately, the training of human resources in agriculture is often not a high priority in the development plans of our country. Uganda agriculture As a result, curricula and teaching programmes are not particularly relevant to the production needs and employment demands of the agricultural sector. The situation has become more serious in recent years due to the economic crisis in the public sector in our country. In the past, the public sector absorbed nearly all agriculture graduates. This is no longer the case, and agriculture graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment. Governments can no longer afford to hire every graduate, and education in agriculture has not kept up with the increasingly sophisticated labor demands of the private sector. These and other factors, such as environmental degradation, rapid changes in technical knowledge and the increasing marginalisation of rural areas, all call for changes in the current systems of education in agriculture in many developing countries. The above problem has resulted in climatic changes in many parts of the country due to poor agricultural practices that are a threat to the environment. eg landslides, soil erosion, soil has become infertile and the most affected are rural areas and more so women are the most hit. Therefore, one village Uganda organization has come up to increase awareness and further trainings on soil fertility and conservation in order to check climate threats that alarming as well as food security in rural families.

Uganda schoolEDUCATION

Education in this community is one of the key needed thing and should be thought of with care, great concern and attention. More than 80% of children who finish primary level/elementary do not join secondary education and of those who join it, 60% do not finish ordinary level of education. Therefore, children/youth after school dropout still live without any skills for development. It is due to poverty and mind set of parents/caretakers that brought education problems. Some parents want to live a traditional way of life “this means, they tell their children that they continue to live even when they never attain education during their time” Therefore, as poverty and mind set continue to kill this community, we are looking for partners and volunteers and possibly donors to come in so that we address this issue of helping and sponsoring children from the neediest families of the needy among innocent children. Also the donations will help us in trainings and agriculture facilitation so that as food security is achieved there is surplus for market in order for families to get income and educate their children. See how best you can come in?


Money is the engine or fuel that facilitates everything planned. Education in form of school fees, agriculture, quality production all need money. This money needs to be pulled through from the community savings or contributions made by travel volunteers and donations if possible. Therefore, 30 united women have started this small savings for future use. In this view, we want a bigger funding so that in future we help members with soft loans or grants to help them acquire and realize their goal/dreams. This has just started and we hope that the future is bright for this. We need partners in this case.

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