Kidepo national park lies in the rugged semi- arid valleys between Uganda’s border with Southern sudan and Kenya, some 700 kilometres from the capital kampala. Gazetted as a national park in 1962, It has a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammals species as wellas around 475 bird species.

Kidepo is Uganda’s most isolated national park , but the few who make the long journey north through the wild frontier region of karamojong would agree that it is also the most magnificent, for kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses. From APOKA, IN THE HEART OF THE PARK, A SAVANNAH LANDSCAPE EXTENDS FAR beyond the gazette area, towards horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges.
During the dry season, the only permanent water in the park is found in wetlands and remnants pools in the broad Narus valley near Apoka, these seasonal oasis, combine with the open, savannah terrain, make the “narus valley the park’s prime game viewing location.

-Size:1442 square kilometres.
-The park’s altitude ranges between 914m –2750m above sea level.
-The park contains two rivers-kidepo and Narus-which disappears in the dry season, leaving just pools for wildlife.
-The local communities around the park include pastrolkaramojong people, similar to the masai of Kenya, and the IK, A HUNTER-GETHERER TRIBE WHOSE SURVIVAL IS THREATEN