Education in this community is one of the key needed thing and should be thought of with care, great concern and attention. More than 80% of children who finish primary level/elementary do not join secondary education and of those who join it, 60% do not finish ordinary level of education. Therefore, children/youth after school dropout still live without any skills for development. It is due to poverty and mind set of parents/caretakers that brought education problems.

Some parents want to live a traditional way of life “this means, they tell their children that they continue to live even when they never attain education during their time” Therefore, as poverty and mind set continue to kill this community, we are looking for partners and volunteers and possibly donors to come in so that we address this issue of helping and sponsoring children from the neediest families of the needy among innocent children. Also the donations will help us in trainings and agriculture facilitation so that as food security is achieved there is surplus for market in order for families to get income and educate their children. See how best you can come in?