About Us


This is a tour and travel business company whose major goal and vision is to support the community through, agriculture, education, health/sanitation, agro-enterprise projects among others.
This can be done under our core values like transparency, accountability, equity, intergrity and team work.

Our Objectives:

1. To organise trips/tour which would give our clients the possible africa's experience.
2. To put into practice the request of our clients to arrange some of the best trips in uganda and africa.
3. To make sure that our trips /travels are persinalised with clients own interest , budget, time frame and other requirements
NOTE:The company donates 20% 0f profit to the community development project.

We are specialists in Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, community tours, volunteer opportunity trips, Uganda’s savannas safaris, Bird watching, photo safaris, and game drives, education and student trips. We offer unforgettable wild-life experiences combined with the opportunity to interact with the people who call Uganda home. Our knowledgeable guides, custom-designed tours and commitment to both customer service and giving back to the community will ensure a memorable adventure.

Why You Have to Visit Uganda?
Uganda is often called “the pearl of Africa” because of its’ beauty, bio-diversity, climate and the vibrant spirit of its people. Uganda is a magical country, only recently discovered as a great safari destination.

Uganda has it all: The highest mountain range of Africa, the largest lake, the great savannas and the vast tropical forests. Uganda offers the best of everything. Animals you are likely to see on your trip to Uganda’s savannas include elephants, lions, buffolos, leopards, Giraffe, zebras, hyenas, warthongs, hippos, eland, oribi, impalas, kobs, water buck , bush buck, jackals, and crocodiles. Uganda’s forests are a home to chimpanzee, Gorillas, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, patas monkeys, blue monkeys, golden monkeys forest elephants, forest buffoles and giant forest hogs etc.

Most visitors to Uganda arrive at Entebbe modern and efficient international airport, with its breathtaking location on the shores of lake Victoria. Just 40 kilometers away, sprawled across seven hills is the capital city that reflects the on-going economic growth and political stability that has characterized Uganda for the last 20 years. Our visitors also use kanombe international airport for Rwanda.