The wonder village!!!!

While Volunteering and traveling with ONE VILLAGE TOURS, this village is immersed with a unique culture (the way of life) ugandans/Bakiga live. Nature defines it all, agriculture activities,  take part  in any activity you feel to participate in, exercise  short  hiking  on the underlying hills with sharp valleys, feel nature’s creation (caves) learn from a different culture that will relieve you from fear about other cultures. See birds and animals and how they interrelate with people. if you want, participate or experience the BAKIGA’S world's most loved traditional dance. While with in this village for a short time or longer, enjoy well prepared hot chocolate,  participate in preparation of local meals and tea, digging, have fun with a child or children in school or home,  stay with a family(home stay experience),  feed animals and any activity you feel you want to participate in and leave an impact. visit the fig tree ( where most of Bakiga used to traditional communicated to their god) visit the excursion stone, local market- where you see a veriety of organic food and vegetables, on a good season, visit fruit gardens and pick a fresh fruit and eat it.

The Lake Bunyonyi

This is one of  the most beautiful lake and place in Uganda and the world. The name Bunyonyi means “a place of many birds in a local language”. This is not enough as the land scape, many beautiful islands, agro- activities surrounding the lake describe the place better than magical words I can use. The canoe and  boat trekking, bird watching, nature guided walks and a visit to the Batwa (pygmies) the oldest people in Africa makes you wonder. The lake has fresh waters, safe and free for swimming. Relax in one of the local hotels on its shore as you watch art and craft made by local women around the place

Bwindi imopenetrable national park.

This is a natural forest and national park that has lived for million years ago, with no known human activities taking place there, it is well known for the endangered mountain gorillas and it horsts more than a half of these world apes. The forest is rich in other primates and wildlife, birds and tree species. Its unique activities are ; Gorilla tracking, bird watching,  forest walks, cultural walks around the communities that surrounds the forest etc.

Queen Elizabeth national park.

This is the most beautiful and rewarding national park in Uganda. It was named QUEEN ELIZABERTH NATIONAL PARK after a visit by her majesty queen of England in 1954, and formerly it was kazinga channel national park.  It is a place for wildlife viewing in Uganda where you encounter the big five on a lucky day during your game drive. A boat cruise on the longest kazinga channel that separates the two rift valley lakes George and Edward is a gift to nature lovers. It gives you the best view of the rift valley escapments and its features, see
the peninsula, track chimpanzee, go to the equator and take a photo closely shaking hands with a friend in  northern and southern hemisphere, visit the salt mining lake (katwe), ishasha sector of
queen national park for tree climbing lions, visit the gorge etc. Depending on energy level and time on your disposal, drive few kms and on an eye seeing view to Rwenzori mountain national park and take an 8 days hiking the snow caped mountains of the moon and the highest mountain both in Uganda and Africa. The hike will expose you to wild life, snow at the top, birds, view of western rift valley and its features.

Mgahinga national park.

This is one of the smallest national park of the 10 national parks in Uganda. But interesting with it, it is shared with three countries Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo. This national park also has gorillas and Golden monkeys among other wildlife species. Underlying is rocky mountain Sambinyo and Muhabura Mountain that welcomes you with a crater lake on top.  Clear view of the three great nations while hiking this mountain is what gives you an forgettable experience of viewing many of the volcanic lakes and the narrow rift valley ends, visit the shortest river in kisoro, the taste of soda water, hot springs and cultural attachments.

Note: it is really hard to describe the beauty of Uganda with its bio-diversity, culture, climate and history. Just make a trip here and see for yourself.