Nyamyerambiko Village and School

Nyamyerambiko VillageOne Village Uganda is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2011 by the owner of One Village Tours, Herbert Kajoki.

Its main goal is sustainable economic development in the village of Nyamyerambiko – where wages are less than half-a-dollar per day. Thus, adults are provided with skills and tools to more effectively create crafts and manage the land.

But community development begins with the next generation, so One Village Uganda also focuses on helping the village’s 400+ primary school children to stay in school. One such project is reuseable sanitary pads, which encourage girls not to miss a week of school each month.

While OVU coordinates the school’s reuseable sanitary pad project, it is administered by the Rotary Club of Kabale. Health education is provided by the Rotaract Club of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences (KIHS) and the pads are made locally.

Nyamyerambiko is located some 25 kilometers north of Kabale, in the hills of southwestern Uganda.

Volunteer and home-stay opportunities exist for those with pertinent skills. One Village Tours can assist.