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One Village Uganda is a non profitable organization founded in 2011. It operates in Nyakahita cell / village, Nyabushabi parish Kyanamira Sub county, Ndorwa East constituency Kabale district Uganda and the founder is Bagyenyi Herbert Kajoki.

Why One Village Uganda?
It is because the community / Uganda is big and wholesomely cannot develop at once and may need a lot of resources that are not available. But starting with One Village, development connects to other villages / communities hence to the whole country.

One Village Uganda organization has many projects under it: Education, poverty eradication, ignorance, environmental conservation, vulnerable children, children with disability, Agriculture/ farming, health/sanitation, women empowerment, youth, elderly and sports for development.

One Village Uganda was developed and started 2011 after realizing the need for community development. The community in which this organization operates from face the challenge of poverty, lack of education, poor health, production of many children, children drop out of school due to lack of school fees, scholastic materials and meals.

Because the majority of people in this community are living under absolute poverty. They live on less than ½ dollar a day while they need the following basic needs of a man like shelter, health food, education and clothes.

Uganda schoolThe children from in this community live an uneducated life which has resulted into early marriages at a tender age of 16 and 17 years. This has also increased family violence, evil crimes i.e stealing, alcoholism and rural urban migration.

In this Community, there is only one school under the church but government aided under universal primary education. But this has done less to the expectations because the funding is little and delays to reach the school management and according to the school enrollment, each child gets less than $0.05 in three months. Children lack good learning environment, scholastic materials, teachers lack teaching guides eg reference books on top of their poor remunerations, classroom are in a sorry state, Toilets, sitting benches are in a mess. This has prompted parents to come in and put in a small subscription fee to cater the above, however. It is not even enough, but still few parents can effort paying it.

The school in this village / community has a total enrolment of 700 pupils and of these some are total orphans, single orphans, vulnerable children, disabled children, rejected children. This is because of disease like malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS etc. This has however affected the performance of children in class because children do not have meals from school and when they go home for lunch, they still miss it. Because other children in this community are born as a result of un wanted pregnancies they are stigmatized, rejected in their families and they go to school without uniform, scholastic material and the subscription fee for the school. In fact these children eat or get a meal by chance not by choice. This calls One Village Uganda organization to come up with the idea of supporting children through loving sponsorship by provision of scholastic material etc with the help of partners to especially orphans, rejected children and vulnerable children from the neediest families of the needy.

Therefore, One Village Uganda organization has come in to address the issues of Agriculture and farming, Affordable projects of the poor, education, poverty and ignorance, health, Youth, Women empowerment children issues, elderly, sports for development and conservation through new and improved technologies for better out put eg use of fertilizers in agriculture, cross bleeding, high breed yielding seeds, spraying crops and Agricultural equipments. This will increase food production in families market gap as well as house hold income that will lead a number of children going to school and people get jobs. As a result of enough food production and income, some people will afford other Agro- enterprises like poultry, piggery, Rabbit keeping, goats, cows, sheep’s and other projects as trained.

It is with the following vision, mission and objectives that One Village Uganda will achieve this development process.

To provide life changing opportunities and building capacity or developing a whole person through agriculture, education and the work of Christ for sustainable development.

To partner with relevant stake holders, institutions, organizations and individual among others, continuous training of our members to enable them acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development.

Uganda villageObjectives

How this can be done?
One Village Uganda organization will strengthen decentralization sustainability through grants, donations, children sponsorship and community initiative transformation processes through affordable projects that can be managed by the poor or needy.

Performance based on grants and donation, over 50% performance will not need funding due to community involvement ie land and labour and grants as donations we get first will not have any score or results. This will help in mentor ship, training, Agriculture and farming equipment, supplies e.g fertilizers, seeds etc. Then the results will be realized later after having every family stand on its own to proving and sustainably move on with Agriculture and farming. Hence school children / Education, Afro-enterprise and affordable projects of the poor will be seen and observed with in the village/community.

Following the grants and donations provided within three years of operation, a great change in this village will be seen and the impact will have stretched to the near by villages hence connecting villages across the world.

Therefore, the director and founder of One Village Uganda is preparing land for demonstration purposes in the area and has set up a house for hosting volunteers who will help the organization. One Village Uganda will have its volunteers who want to volunteer with us such that if they have money can have time to adventure in any of these and this should be arranged with us before arrival for easy planning purposes.

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