Community and Cultural Tours

uganda tribe dancing cultural danceUganda is the most culturally diverse country in Africa, boasting a unique and varied mosaic of music, dance, arts and crafts. Located at the geographical heart of Africa, and at a natural crossroads of ancient trade and cultures, Uganda has over 66 separate tribes, and more than 30 different languages.

The country's oldest inhabitants are the Batwa and Bambuti pygmy tribes, now protected so their hunter-gatherer culture can thrive once more. The Bambuti inhabit Semliki National Park in the west, while the Batwa inhabit the Mgahinga National Park in the southwest. To the north-east, the vast arid plains are inhabited by the Karamojong, a semi-nomadic cattle-herding tribe related to the Maasai that migrated from southern Ethiopia several centuries ago.

crafts from Uganda on displayAt the cultural core of modern-day Uganda lie the Bantu-speaking kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole and Toro whose traditional monarchs still serve as important cultural figureheads.

Thanks to their distinct languages and kingdoms, as well as the vast geographical and climatic differences between the regions, Uganda's communities still retain many fascinating cultural distinctions. These are commonly displayed through music, dance, craft, folklore and traditional healing rituals.

With the emergence of community tourism, visitors are now able to discover this wonderful cultural mix for themselves. One of the best ways to experience Ugandan culture is to immerse yourself in it, via agri-tourism, or home-stay billets.

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