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Uganda tourism Activities - ONE VILLAGE TOURS

Mountain Hiking

Uganda has the third highest peak in Africa, four extinct volcanoes and one of the largest intact Calderas in the world - not bad for such a country. In experienced climbers or those short time can choose one of the three conical Virunga volcanoes in mgahinga Gorilla national park. Any of the three can be summited in a day, and offer a stounding views of UGANDA, Rwanda and DR.congo. Mt Elgon, on the Kenya border, also requires not technical expertise, but the route to the top takes 4-7 days, passing through wonderful forest scenery, natural pools and past ancient caves. The true challenge is the Rwenzori; Africa's highest mountain chain. Inexperienced climbers will enjoy the enchanting scenery of the lower slopes but only skilled mountaineers should attempt the 9 days trek to the snow-capped equatorial peaks.

Bird Watching

Over half of all bird species in Africa can be found here, making it one of the richest birding destinations on the continent. Crammed into this diminutive country is an astonishingly rich diversity of habitat, from the scenic shores of Uganda's many great lakes, wetlands and to the forests of the albertine rift and the banks of mighty Nile river.
Though Uganda has only one endemic bird (fox's weaver), 23 albertine endemic occur here which are rarely observed elsewhere. These include the handsome francolin, Rwenzorituraco, Rwenzori night jar, Dwarf honeguide, African green broadbill, Archer's robin-chart, Graver's rush warbler, short-tailed warbler, graver's warbler, callaredapalis, regal sunbird, strage weaver, Dusky crimson wing, among others.
The recorded number of bird species in Uganda exceeds 1000 species, so pack your binoculars, some sturdy shoes and your checklist, and challenge yourself to spot even more.

Community/Cultural Tourism

Uganda being situated at the geographical heart of the African continent, has long been a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the existence of over 66 different tribes with their languages and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and craft. The country's most ancient inhabitants are the Batwa and Bambuti pygimies, relics of the hunter-gatherer cultures that once occupied much of east Africa. To the north-east, the vast arid plains are reigned over by the karamonjong, a semi-nomadic cattle-herding tribe believed to have migrated from south Ethiopia several centuries ago. At the cultural core of modern-day Uganda lie the Bantu-speaking kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankore and Toro whose traditional monarchs still serve as important cultural figureheads.
Thanks to their distict languages and kingdoms, as well as the vast geographical and climatic differents between the regions, Uganda's communities still retain many fascinating cultural distinctions. These are commonly displayed through their music, dance, craft, folklore and traditional healing rituals. With the emergence of community tourism, vistors are now able to discover this wonderful cultural mix for themselves.
Agri-tourism, agro-processing, and homestay experiences are the other key areas in community tourism they give you a real feel of a Ugandan.

Chimpanzee Trekking

Our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, share atleast 94% of its DNA with humans. Sociable, communicative and intelligent, one of the chimp's most astonishing trials is its ability to use tools such as rocks for smashing nuts, empty pods for scooping water and sticks for drawing termites from their nests. As these skills are passed from generation to generation, it has been observed that different troops are specialists in different tasks, depending on their habitant and diet.
Chimpanzees live in communities of 10-100. They hold hands, kiss, groom each other and babysit for each other's offspring. Young chimps do not become independent until around the age of four. But they can also be aggressive and unfriendly, particularly towards unrelated individuals. Though they spend a lot of time on the ground, chimpanzees usually eat and sleep in trees. Their diet includes leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds.

Uganda's Lake BunyonyiNature walks /Adventures

While you are in Uganda, do not feel cheated by your guide for not taking a nature walk whereever you shall be. Cultural walks will make you realize that coming to Uganda is not all about seeing animals in the park but experiencing it in its fullness. Cycling trips take you through the Uganda countryside and into towns and villages where you will experience Ugandan culture and meet some of the friendliest people in the whole world.

Tailor-made Tours

We are specialists in gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, community tours, travel volunteer opportunities, savannah safaris and game drives, bird watching, photo safaris, education and student trips among others. We offer unforgettable wildlife experiences combined with the opportunity to interact with the people who call Uganda home. Our knowledgeable guides, custom–designed tours and commitment to give back to the community will ensure a memorable adventure.

Student Program

Are you on a study tour, research or educational tour? Uganda has it all. We design trips that meet our client's interest, time frame and budget. Traveling with us gives you time to do all that you want.
If you want to do an internship, One Village Tours will help you find the field you want to experience.

Uganda's Lake BunyonyiCanoeing/Boat Trips

Seeing Uganda by water is a once–in–a-lifetime adventure that allows you to experience nature first hand. Whether you travel by canoe or boat, you will see abundant wildlife such as hippos, crocodile and water birds. Experience Uganda’s beautiful thrilled by, panoramic views. Canoeing and boat trips can be arranged on Lake Bunyonyi in Kabala, which is located in south western Uganda, Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park and at Albert Nile in Murchison falls national park.


Uganda offers everything you have dreamed of on your honeymoon/holiday; beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodation, and those special romantic touches that will be remembered for a lifetime. We want to hear your vision for a perfect honeymoon and make it a reality.

Uganda's sleeping lionsGame drive/Safaris

Who does not want to boast that they have seen elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffaloes, Lions and Leopards during their wild African safaris? In Uganda it's possible to view all of the 'big five' - surely a memory to cherish for a lifetime. African elephants and caped buffaloes are regularly spotted in great numbers during game drives and launch trips - these are estimated to be around 2500 elephants and some 7000 buffaloes in Queen Elizaberth national park.
Lions can sometimes be seen lounging in the fig trees of Ishasha in queen elizaberth or aprowling across the rocks of kidepo valley, eying up unsuspecting herds of Uganda kobs. You will have to be luck to glimpse a well-cammouflaged, leopard though the challenge of spotting this beautiful feline makes a rare sighting even more rewarding.
Rhinos have been hunted to extinction in the wild Ugandan but Ziwa rhino sanctuary gives visitors the chance to walk up close to these hunge, armoured creatures in the savannah making Uganda one of the few destinations where you really can see the big five in their natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking

Uganda's dense forest are home to over a half the world's 750 or more mountain gorillas. The rest live in the neighboring Rwanda and the Dr.congo. As they do not survive in captivity, preservation of these fragile habitats is essential for their survival.
Uganda's mountain gorillasGorillas display un canny human characteristics. The close-knit family groups are headed by a silverback- a mature male-who selects places for the group to each and sleep, and has many privileges pays off for the rest of the family, as if the group is threatened, the silverback-weighing up to 120kg (260LBS) - will defend them to the death, if necessary.
Generally though, the gorillas are a gentle, highly intelligent species: they have been observed using tools like other great apes, and communicating using a variety of vocal sounds.
The name gorilla comes from the Greek gorilla-meaning hairy women.

The Wonder village!!!!

While Volunteering and traveling with ONE VILLAGE TOURS, this village is immersed with a unique culture (the way of life) Ugandans/Bakiga live. Nature defines it all, agriculture activities, take part in any activity you feel to participate in, exercise short hiking on the underlying hills with sharp valleys, feel nature's creation (caves) learn from a different culture that will relieve you from fear about other cultures. See birds and animals and how they interrelate with people. if you want, participate or experience the BAKIGA's world's most loved traditional dance. While with in this village for a short time or longer, enjoy well prepared hot chocolate, participate in preparation of local meals and tea, digging, have fun with a child or children in school or home, stay with a family (home stay experience), feed animals and any activity you feel you want to participate in and leave an impact. visit the fig tree (where most of Bakiga used to traditional communicated to their god) visit the excursion stone, local market- where you see a veriety of organic food and vegetables, on a good season, visit fruit gardens and pick a fresh fruit and eat it.

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