Uganda - The Country

Ugandan national flag
Uganda - the flag, the country

Modern Uganda is a far, far cry from its colonial past, Idi Amin and the expulsion of its Asian population on the seventies.

By protecting its gorillas, the Batwa pygmies and its gorgeous national parks, modern Uganda acknowledges that its future lies in tourism and treating the tourist well.

Traveling is very cheap, and, during the day, is safe if the usual precautions are taken.

Ugandans treat mzungus (white folk) very well: there is no animosity or resentment whatsoever.

However, you are a novelty, so get used to being stared at! You will hear a friendly “How are you?” many times each day: in which case the only answer is “I am fine. How are you?”

And that’s because ‘How are you?’ is Ugandan for Hello.