Getting Here

entebbe international airport in Kampala
Entebbe International Airport, Kampala

Most visitors arrive by air in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala whose airport is in beautiful Entebbe, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Visitors to southwestern Uganda often choose to fly in to Kigali, the capital of neighbouring Rwanda, which is only two hours’ drive from Mgahinga National Park (but 10 hours from Kampala).

The highways between cities, and the main roads in the cities are usually in fair condition. But expect mostly dirt roads in and between towns and villages.

Public transportation is almost non-existent, but buses, taxis and motorcycle ‘bodo-bodos’ are cheap and popular. It is still possible to arrive by train from Mombasa, Kenya.

Self-drive car rental is very expensive and not recommended: drivers simply cannot afford to take their eyes off the potholes to look at sights or animals. As well, signage is almost non-existent, detailed maps are rare, and GPS is unreliable or unavailable outside the cities. One Village Tours has the best, most experienced driver/guides.