Welcome to Uganda

Welcome to Uganda: the most bio-diverse country in Africa  affordable, accessible, rich in culture, stunning in scenery.

Uganda is here for you to explore, experience and enjoy!
Home to ten beautiful national parks, the famed source of the Nile, and the third largest lake in the world, Lake Victoria, Uganda is frequently voted in the world’s top ten tourist destinations. 
And it’s not difficult to see why.  Mountain gorillas are the main tourist attraction – two of Uganda’s national parks are home to over half of the world’s remaining endangered mountain gorilla.  Visitors also come here for wildlife safaris, bird watching, hiking, nature walks, boating, fishing and mountain climbing.
And the people: Uganda is a safe country. Ugandans are truly amongst the friendliest and most culturally diverse in the world.

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For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life -- bird, insect, reptile, beast -- for vast scale, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.
    ~ Winston Churchill MP (‘My African Journey’ 1907)